An extremely promiscuous generation

We have abortion for one big reason and its due to an extremely promiscuous generation. There are changes (really repentance) which need to be made in the culture to make things work as it should. Men (in general) need to grow up, know they were created to really love woman, protect them, honor them and come through for them. On the other end, women need to understand their self worth - that they are precious, valuable and need to stop degrading themselves for many of these weasels today which pass them self off as men. Stop looking for good men in bars, and start looking for them in church, or through family and friends. You need to find a man which is a real man - which means he is caring, loving, honorable and gentle. This is why we use to refer to certain men as 'gentlemen'. A guy that values you and will give their life for you - that is when you know you have struck gold.

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